Usage of Urli in your Daily life !

Urulis were used in home for cooking, for decor, traditional occasions and in Ayurveda to make medicines.


Urlis were originally used in cooking, with a large urli also being known as a ‘varpu’ in Kerala. The structure of the vessel makes it ideal for slow cooking, by spreading the heat evenly and retaining flavors. Payasam and ghee rice are some of the popular dishes cooked in urlis.

Uruli in cooking

cooking urli

Uruli is a traditional cookware used in South India. They range from small to very large in size. Large brass Urulis are used in temples to prepare meals. To feed a multitude of people every single day. Today, in small households, small urulis are used to prepare certain slow cooking dishes like the scrumptious Prathaman and spicy Biryani.

Uruli in modern decor

urli decor

Moreover, today’s art and interior designing have taken a different turn. As an effort to induce the traditional elements into our lifestyle. Urlis are used as decorative objects that impart a royal glow to an otherwise simple, bland setting. Urlis made from terracotta, stone and metals are filled with water and vibrantly colored flowers afloat on top. This makes a perfect center piece down the hallway, elegant, soothing and welcoming. Today enormous Urulis have found place in posh resorts around the world for the perfect reason. That Uruils reflect unique beauty and richness to the surrounding.

Placement of Uruli


One of the most popular places to place an Urli is the entrance, since it is immediately welcoming to whoever enters your home. It also tends to give off an air of abundance and good luck to all who enter. If your urli is large, you can either place it directly on the floor, or on a stand

Uruli in Ayurveda

Urli Ayurvedic

A part from cooking, Urulis are used in traditional Ayurvedic treatments. Naturopathic centers and spas. Use large urlis to prepare their herbal potions that are used to treat various ailments. All the ingredients that go into their massage oils are boiled in Urlis. And are left to remain soaked in them for several hours before. The oil is strained and used for massaging.

Uruli's and our Tradition


Tradition is all about the links we have with the best part of our past and the fellowship we retain with our ancestors. It can be anything, a strong belief that keeps you going through difficult times or a rich custom that keeps adding meaning to your existence. Whatever it is, there are certain objects that never depart from any part of tradition. Without these valuable objects, our traditional values would be pointless. For instance, sitting on the floor, eating all six flavored foods served on a banana leaf, it sounds heavenly isn’t it? 

This is the scene that happened in most of our family gatherings, weddings and festivals. Until the buffet culture became a favorable alternative. Even the meals were prepared using traditional vessels like mud pots and wooden ladles. One such vessel is the elegant Uruli. The name Uruli is derived from the Tamil word ‘Urulai’ which means round. So, typically Uruli is a round vessel.

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