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Everything You Should Know About Wooden Handicraft

Bastar Wooden Handicraft are traditional Indian wooden crafts that are manufactured in the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh state, India. The wood-crafting work has been protected under the Geographical indication (GI) of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement. It is listed at item 84 as “Bastar Wooden Craft” of the GI Act 1999 of the Government of India with registration confirmed by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks.

Where Wooden Handicraft of Tribal Art is famous in India?

Bastar Art derived it’s name from Bastar, a tribal district of Chhattisgarh with the population. About 70% in the district. In this area, people are divided into different tribes & each tribe has its own culture and a way of living. They are different from each other. In many ways such as groups have a different tradition, languages. They speak differ from each other, attire, worship customs, eating habits and much more. You might find it strange that in the 21st century. There are many tribal groups living in the deep forest and unaware of this changing world.

The tribal groups who are still living in Bastar district are as follows: Abhuj Maria, Bison Horn Maria, Bhatra, Dhurvaa, Gonds, Halbaa, Muria and etc. Among the tribes, Gonds are the largest group of tribal community of central India. 

Where Tribal Art is famous in India?


Eco-friendly beautiful wood products are been loved by all age group people. India is being blessed with the Mother Nature and given several useful trees to get unique wood items from. Woodcraft is a standout among the most renowned delightful and extraordinary specialty of wooden cutting of Bastar tribals.

These wooden artworks are made out of the finest teak wood and white wood. These wooden specialties incorporate models, furniture things and so forth among the furniture, Deewan (Cot with box) is exceptionally celebrated and alluring. Since it includes the craft of cutting with various pictures of Bastar culture and different plans of intrigue. These crafted works are for the most part traded to better places of the nation, and these wood items are also been requested to be export to foreign countries.

Woodcraft from the tribal belt of Bastar is known for figures of tribal gods, cut wooden masks, and wall decorative items. Chhattisgarh is additionally well known for painted and lacquered wood item, for example, toys, boxes, bedposts, flower vase, candle holder cots.

Types of wooden handicrafts

The wooden handicrafts come in various forms of arts and culture. Different pieces of wooden artwork. In the forms of figures, sculptures have been made by the famous artisans of our country. The different art forms used for making decorative items were Warli, famous Dhokra art from West Bengal, Madhubani art form.  The variety of these handicrafts ranges from wooden fish hook to pipe stem to spoons and many more. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. To carve a piece of wood and make something unique and beautiful out of it. The patterns and figures that are engraved on every piece of wood have a different story. 

Here are some types of techniques used for making wooden handicrafts. That are made for decorating your houses with furniture, showpieces, wooden frames etc.


Marquetry is one of the modern forms for making wooden handicrafts, it is a craft. That involves inserting pieces of material into the wood to create beautiful and detailed patterns. The items that are inserted include wood, ivory, metal etc. This results in a beautiful handmade wooden showpiece. The simplest marquetry only uses two slices of veneer which are temporarily stuck together. Marquetry is a modern form of craft that uses knives to cut thin wood slices. But as we all know that knife cutting is so much time consuming. So now most of the marquetry used a saw for cutting the veneer.

wooden carving

Wood carving

Wood carvingis one of the oldest art forms for making decorative wooden products. It is the process of decorating wood by hand with the help of a sharp tool. Wood carving involves the use of various steps such as blocking, surfacing and smoothening. The tools may include chisels, v-tools and other carving tools. Wood carving is used for making various wooden figures, idols, even ornaments. The making of sculpture by wood carving art has been extremely widely practised.


Intarsia is woodcraft that is made by using a technique. That involves laying sections of wood inside furniture like walls and floors. The word ‘intarsia’ is derived from the Latin word ‘interserere’ which means “to insert”. This process gives the mosaic look. The word intarsia and the art form is still a mystery to many people. This art became famous during the 17th century when Egypt came under Arab rule.

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