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Reasons to Say Yes to Handmade Products!

So are you caught in a dilemma weighing your choices amongst a plethora of options available in the market? Handmade products are more reliable and give customers several benefits that people never consider.

Handcrafted products are environment-friendly

As a responsible global citizen and consumer, you wouldn’t wanna add to your carbon footprint. Handmade products take much less energy and natural resource to create items than mass production. Go green by choosing handcrafted articles over mass-produced machine-made ones as their production consumes less energy. Generally made of biodegradable materials, and reduce carbon footprint. Also, sourcing locally reduces the fuel consumption involved in shipping from source to the final consumer. Handcrafted products are not just eco-friendly products that we want. They are in equal need in the modern-day world where pollution, uncontrolled use of natural resources threats are scaling new heights.

The Unmistakable “Feel Good” Factor


This may seem like an altruistic motive, but just think about the priceless smile on a local artisan’s face when his art and labour bears fruit! The joy of encouraging someone who is struggling to keep the art forms of generations alive and trying to earn an honest living out of it is unmatched. Not only the seller even buying handmade products from local businesses makes buyers feel awesome. There is feel good factor in supporting local artisans and their eco-friendly business practices. Buying handmade products can also increase jobs and strengthen Indian economy.

Unmatched Superior Quality

The magic of the human hand cannot be matched with the most superior, cutting edge technological devices. This is a very true saying that whenever the work is done by hand. It consumes less energy than the mass production assembly line, making handmade products more sustainable. Ever felt a world of a difference between a hand-brewed cup of latte over a machine brewed one? There it is, amigos! Similarly, an artisan puts in a lot of effort and bespoke touches in the process of curating handmade articles. Each item is a creation of love and skill. The abilities imaginations and thoughts create an artisan uses; they imagine every piece they create.

Contributes to the growth of the local community & economy

Whenever you choose any handmade décor piece or household use item over machine-made, mass-produced ones, you silently encourage talented albeit unheard artisans earn a livelihood out of their craft and slowly. But surely expand their horizons and gain global recognition as well. Knowing that your money is going towards a local company is invaluable, these locally owned independent businesses create a custom experience that big chain can’t provide and personalize their own colors and designs that fits customers needs. If products are made locally and they aren’t shipped overseas. Then the energy used to create them and deliver it to the customers is further reduced. We know supporting local artisan is good but it has an amazing benefit to support the traditional art forms.

Technologies may replace skilled workers with machines but it’s always good to rely on human feelings and hands instead of machines. Check the beautiful decor items to decorate your home or office with the awesome collections online. Handicrafts make the best corporate gifts, even people love to find handcrafted products as their housewarming gifts.

Ingenuity & Realistic beauty in every piece you own

You can be assured of the toils, creative epiphanies of a human hand and mind entrenched in every piece of handmade goodness that you own. Listen to the story that each item has to tell. Biggest reason people prefer hand crafted products because each one of them is unique in its own way. The nature of hand made products is that there are fewer of them.

Unique, Bespoke, Quirky & Trendy


Artisans, designers are more likely to rope in the current trends to make funky as well as practical products. That are in sync with the times whilst preserving their original flavour in comparison to large business houses. There is always scope for a more personal touch. In the product that matches your vibe and is truly one of a kind! So the chances of someone else owning. The same piece with its characteristic intricacies, details and quirks are pretty much close to zilch!

Keeps alive the art forms of centuries

In the era of mechanistic consumables, it is important to encourage the last few forbearers of art & culture alive.  And to send the message that keeping the tradition up and alive is an economically feasible activity as well! By supporting these people who are skilled craftsman and women. We are helping them to practice skills that are integral to our cultural identity. This will help the upcoming generation to look back at the past art forms in the world.

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