Need To Know About Traditional Brass Handicrafts

Brass Handicrafts

Brass Handicrafts

Brass handicraft is an illustration of fine and grand functionality. The making of brass objects today owes its creation to the ancient artisans. Who created some of the most interesting decorations and utility goods. Brass handicrafts are known for their beautiful designs and a perfect pattern of craftsmanship. While most of these creative brass handicrafts were meant to be used daily by common people, some were used in temples, palaces, religious places, and royal houses. As the designs available in these crafts appeared to be very attractive. The kings started using them as symbols of power and authority on their clothing, jewelry, personal ornaments, and crowns. Crafted from pure metals such as copper and zinc, brass alloy objects are highly durable and long-lasting.

Brass Crafts: The Arrival

Brass Market

When Muslim families arrived in Moradabad with complex Persian patterns and sophisticated equipment. They brought the technique of brass making. The Mughals and the British both patronized brass workmanship. Brass is a copper and zinc alloy. Simply altering the proportions of these two elements yields a broad spectrum of brass. It has a golden tint that is comparable to that of gold. The discovery of metals made man’s life easier since metal items proved to be such a tremendous benefit to them. That they could execute seemingly impossible jobs. India is well-known for its brass quality, which encompasses a wide range of products ranging from ornamental pieces to practical ware. In reality, India is one of the world’s top producers of brass. According to historians, the skill of brass craft has existed for about 5 million years. 

Centers for Brass Handicrafts in India

India is the center of handicraft items, with every state having its unique handicrafts. Brass handicrafts are made throughout the country, but the following states are considered centers of production of  brass handicraft in India :

Uttar Pradesh

Places in Northern India where brass handicrafts are deeply rooted include Varanasi and Mirzapur. Other places well known for brass handicrafts include Moradabad. The craft of brass-making was introduced to the region by Muslim craftsmen who initially brought Persian techniques with them as they immigrated there.

West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa

The craftspeople of India’s West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, and Orissa states create intricate jewelry using a method called Dokra. Wax is used to create a wax mold over a clay base. Then, clay is added around the mold to create an exact copy of the original wax shape. This clay mold can be dehydrated and replaced with molten metal to make a replica of the wax shape.

Andhra Pradesh

Pembarthi, located in the Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh state, is internationally known for brass handicraft items. The craftwork of the nearby temples of Lepakshi, Orugallu, and Ramappa has inspired these fashion designs. Sculptures fashioned with lotus designs, Hindu legend, and a goose-shaped top are common here. Tirupati—located in the Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh—is another famous place for handicrafts.


Kashmir handicrafts are of great interest to people around the world. Handcrafted brass items decorated with almond, chinar leaf, and vine motifs are produced in this region. Ladakh is renowned for its decorative brass stoves, which are hand-made and often feature copper and silver.

Varieties of Brass Handicrafts


The plethora of brass handicrafts items comes in the forms of various animal figurines, brass made bells of various sizes, chandeliers, utility wares, statues of gods and goddesses, birds, brass planters, vases, furniture embellished with brass, lanterns, wind chimes, utensils, crockery, decorative candle stands, wall sconces, key holders, photo frames, paperweights, official and royal looking pen stands, multiple varieties of Pooja items such as diyas, stands, idols, etc., bath sets and ashtrays. People are using all these since ages and are willing to upkeep their tradition with the tinge of old times antiques.

Important aspects of Production

To manufacture high-quality brass handicrafts is no easy job. In addition to particular expertise and craftsmanship, the finished result demands creativity, patience, and devotion. A lot of essential factors influence the quality of brass handicrafts.

Raw Materials

The quality of the raw materials should be top-notch. Brass is known to have high endurance, which helps the final product last several decades. Furthermore, brass is anti-corrosive to rust.  High melting point. Brass has a melting point of approximately 900°C. As brass is stronger and stiffer than pure copper, it is more susceptible to developing stress cracks.


Sculpting and Engraving

Brass has a high level of toughness due to the metal. To achieve the sculpting and engraving quality specific ability and patience are required. As a result, it will need highly skilled and standardized craftspeople. They must complete several training sessions to complete the skill.

brass color

Staining and Coloring

The following colors are common on brass: light brown and dark, plain black, green, and color combinations. To get a distinct hue the brass should first be oxidized using the appropriate chemical ingredients. This procedure, however, is assured safe because the color created is a natural process that is not damaging to health.

brass finish

Coating Finishing

At this stage, the brass handicrafts get coated with a transparent coating layer. The idea is to preserve a color that does not fade quickly or cause harm. With a clear coating, the color of brass will not alter even when placed indoors and outdoors. Similarly, the transparent layer will retain the natural color of brass handicrafts when the weather changes.

The Brass Handicrafts Industry


A quick glimpse of the market for Brass handicrafts is sufficient to show that setting up an individual or a small-scale business for promoting and marketing Brass handicrafts is a lucrative opportunity. It offers a wide range of investment opportunities as well as streams with expected profits in the ranges from moderate to high. Moreover, it has the potential to bring great wealth and prosperity to anyone who decides to venture into this enterprise and make wise investments with proper marketing strategies. All in all, for anyone who’d want to start with an online business opportunity, these Brass handicrafts are just perfect!

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