Story Behind Bone Inlay Furniture

It’s an intricate process, and understanding how these pieces are made enhances their beauty and the story Behind Bone furniture each beautiful design.

Step 1

The interaction’s primary phase is making the item’s wooden casing. The edge is made of wood, while the remainder of the design is made of great MDF. MDF is utilized in our decor items because it stands up better to changes in intensity and mugginess. Assuming a wooden casing was used, this would grow and contract in an evolving climate and cause breaks in the fantastic trim work.




Step 2

bone inlay work
bone work

Individual bits of bone or mother-of-pearl shell are added to the casing in a many-sided design. This cycle is done the hard way thoroughly, with our group of craftsmen following an example and adding their eccentricities and character to the piece.





Step 3

resin work

The tar is blended manually, and we can utilize, without question, any Pantone shade of decision. When this is prepared, it is poured across the item, filling the holes between the decorative pieces.



Step 4

The item is then painstakingly sanded down, and the cut decorating pieces are apparent through the pitch.




Step 5

The last quality control is embraced, and the final clean and stain is finished, as well as a layer of wax to seal the result.



Step 6

Your lovely stand-out piece is fit to be conveyed!
At Mahlia, we guarantee that our group sees photographs and recordings of every piece before it’s dispatched to ensure we send the most awesome trim parts to our clients. When we support the items with the group, they are conveyed directly to your entryway.




coffee table
furniture inlay
inlay table

The Story Behind Bone Inlay furniture is entirely ethical and durable as they are made from natural sources

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