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Caring Tips for Bone Inlay Furniture

Bone Decorate, an intricate planning strategy, has been embracing building marvels for a long time. One of the most established techniques for style outfitting, the trimmed bone specialty is kept on getting imaginative change the field space embellishment. Bone Decorate furniture and items like relics, upholstery, mosaics, memento boxes, etc., confirm that the right mix of workmanship, creativity, and craftsmanship can rejuvenate an extraordinary creation. Extravagance bone trim furnishings and decoratives have a perpetual stunner that, whenever kept up with appropriately, can be safeguarded for quite a while. Anyone who claims or wishes to possess bone decorating items should know the tips and deceives to watch the perseverance and finish of such immortal show-stoppers. So we are here, sharing a few helpful tips on bone trim furniture that you can embrace to keep the luxury, the eminence of your decorated bone outfitting unblemished.

5 Caring Tips for Bone Inlay Furniture

inlay furniture

Regular & Proper Cleaning

Designing decor with unique bone-inlay furniture is a way to bring regality to space. Proper caring and regular cleaning can conserve the long-lasting glamour and shine of inlaid bone products. While cleaning, wipe-off dust from every corner of the decorative pieces with a soft cloth, like cotton. Handle the products carefully and place or shift them with easy hands to avoid breakage.

Moreover, do not paint bone inlay furniture with average-quality paint; this will ruin the finesse of these products. Invest in high-quality paint if you wish to recolor them on your own. By adopting suitable cleaning ways, you can enhance the exquisite charm of bone inlay. 


Use Mild Cleaners for Cleaning

The delicately carved inlaid bone products require extra attention and care. Regular dusting with a cloth will not be sufficient. You must use cleaners to clean bone inlay decorative items. While deep cleaning them, use mild cleansers explicitly made for bone inlay furniture and gently cleaned them. 

Pro tip: Do not use harsh, abrasive cleaners or modern cleaning products to clean bone inlay products. The harmful chemicals and toxins of these modern cleaners will take away the natural finish and glory of the inlaid bone decorative items.

Avoid Prolonged Exposure to Water

Bone Inlay furniture should not be soaked in water for an extended period. Though bone inlay products are water-resistant, allowing them to drench in water for an extended duration can harm them, for it will loosen their adhesiveness. Furthermore, make it a rule to avoid excessive cleaning with a wet or overly moist cloth. Rather clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth, and do not clean furiously. 

A Good Exposure to Sunlight


The artistically handcrafted bone inlay furnishing holds a unique characteristic you will not find in any other furnishing. Where other furniture units lose their charm when exposed to sunlight, bone-inlay furniture tends to lighten over when placed in decent sunlight. They have the propensity to become even more majestic and beautiful, furnishing with time. Ergo, set up your inlaid bone decor item near a window or in a hallway, where sunlight can touch its layer, and it beautifies ten folds. Moreover, the problem of it getting yellowed and pigmented can also be avoided. Pro tip: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Also, too harsh sun rays are not good. 

Place in a Moderate Temperature

moderate temperature

Placing a bone-inlay decor piece is a strategic task. Here comes one of the 5 caring tips for bone inlay furniture. Try and maintain a moderate temperature around the inlaid bone furniture. It should not be extremely cold or scorching, for it will bring horror to the product. An average temperature would be sufficient for it to sustain for decades. Place them right, and you will be able to preserve the existing elegance, refinement, and allure of bone-inlay furniture. Pro tip: Do not place a heater near bone inlay items. 

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