Combining bone inlay furniture with other materials:


Combining bone inlay with wood is a classic pairing. The warmth of the wood complements the intricate detail of the bone inlay. A bone inlay coffee table with a wooden base, for example, can be a beautiful centerpiece for a living room.


For a more modern and industrial look, bone inlay can be combined with metal. A bone inlay cabinet with metal legs or hardware can create an interesting contrast of textures and materials.


Combining bone inlay with glass can create a beautiful and unique piece. A bone inlay mirror with a glass border, for example, can be a stunning addition to a bedroom or bathroom.


Bone inlay can also be combined with leather to create a luxurious piece of furniture. A bone inlay chair with leather upholstery can be a comfortable and stylish addition to a living room or office.


Another option is to combine bone inlay with fabric. A bone inlay headboard with a fabric backing can create a soft and inviting look in a bedroom.

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