How Mother of Pearl is Used in Furniture Design


Mother of Pearl is often used to create intricate inlay designs on furniture. These designs can range from simple geometric patterns to elaborate scenes or images. Mother of Pearl is typically inlaid into the surface of the furniture, such as a table top, using a technique called marquetry.


Mother of Pearl can also be used as a veneer to cover larger surface areas of furniture, such as the exterior of a cabinet or chest of drawers. This can create a stunning visual effect, especially when the furniture is illuminated by natural or artificial light.


Mother of Pearl can be used to create decorative hardware for furniture, such as drawer pulls or cabinet knobs. These small details can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any piece of furniture.


Mother of Pearl can also be used to create decorative accessories for furniture, such as decorative boxes or picture frames. These items can be used to complement the furniture or as standalone decorative pieces.

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