About us


MentHome is helping Indian Artisans to promote their handcrafted luxury products on a global scale. We are helping them preserve their old-age techniques that were marred by the current mechanized world. MentHome uniquely presents contemporary designs with a blend of traditional handcrafting expertise to create new markets and keep this heritage alive.

Our Goal is to help our Artisans To Succeed As Entrepreneurs

VISION: Deliver Quality Luxury Products Worldwide with focus on Social Impact

Menthome is working to showcase the talent of underprivileged Indian Artisans to the global markets. We are glad that with the help of our customers we are making an impact on their lives.

-Azam Ghani, Co-Founder

We are bringing forward the real worth of our artisans. We love to create opportunities for them that helps in their economic growth and sustainability. 

-Shaziya Parveen, Co-Founder