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Story Behind Bone Inlay Furniture

It’s an intricate process, and understanding how these pieces are made enhances their beauty and the story Behind Bone furniture each beautiful design.

Step 1

The interaction’s primary phase is making the item’s wooden casing. The edge is made of wood, while the remainder of the design is made of great MDF. MDF is utilized in our decor items because it stands up better to changes in intensity and mugginess. Assuming a wooden casing was used, this would grow and contract in an evolving climate and cause breaks in the fantastic trim work.




Step 2

bone inlay work
bone work

Individual bits of bone or mother-of-pearl shell are added to the casing in a many-sided design. This cycle is done the hard way thoroughly, with our group of craftsmen following an example and adding their eccentricities and character to the piece.





Step 3

resin work

The tar is blended manually, and we can utilize, without question, any Pantone shade of decision. When this is prepared, it is poured across the item, filling the holes between the decorative pieces.



Step 4

The item is then painstakingly sanded down, and the cut decorating pieces are apparent through the pitch.




Step 5

The last quality control is embraced, and the final clean and stain is finished, as well as a layer of wax to seal the result.



Step 6

Your lovely stand-out piece is fit to be conveyed!
At Mahlia, we guarantee that our group sees photographs and recordings of every piece before it’s dispatched to ensure we send the most awesome trim parts to our clients. When we support the items with the group, they are conveyed directly to your entryway.




coffee table
furniture inlay
inlay table

The Story Behind Bone Inlay furniture is entirely ethical and durable as they are made from natural sources

 Why Bone Inlay Furniture is so popular?

We all love to decorate our homes with unique furniture, but sometimes it can be hard to find something that is both beautiful and also functional. Bone inlay furniture is the perfect solution for anyone who wants something unique and stylish for their home. 

Bone inlay homeware and furniture is becoming more and more popular because it’s durable and stylish. You can create beautiful patterns using bone inlay. That will make any room in your house look extra classy, especially with the mix of colors from wood stain or varnish. The bone also helps protect against scratches by providing an added layer of protection!

There are several reasons for the rise in popularity for bone inlay furniture such as history, durability, longevity, variety, and high quality. With so many options for bone inlay furniture available, you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Know About Bone Inlay Furniture

The state of Rajasthan in India is famous for Bone Inlay furniture, which is made using an intricate process that requires immense skill and practice. The skill is passed down from generation to generation within a family. In the first step of making bone inlay furniture, camel bone is collected, and pieces are hand-carved to give them a delicate shape. Next, the bone pieces are affixed on the wooden furniture frame to create intricate patterns. In the third and final step, the spaces around the bone are filled, typically with a coloured resin background. Animals are not harmed in order to make bone inlay furniture.

History Behind Bone Inlay Furniture ?

Bone inlay designs were first used by early humans who would use small elements such as shells, stone fragments, or claws. To decorate themselves after hunting game animals like deer. Over time, people began designing more elaborate items out of these decorative objects. Which led eventually to bone inlays being carved onto wooden surfaces. Bone, in particular, is used for its durability, hardness, flexibility, and glossiness and can also be polished into different colours. It can be cut into thin strips and glued onto wooden surfaces. You can also apply protective treatments such as lacquer or varnish to prevent scratches or damage. Because bone inlay furniture has been around for thousands of years, and due its rich history, has since become very popular with contemporary furniture.

Is It Durable And Long Lasting ?

Bone inlay furniture is made from a combination of different materials and techniques. That offers a combination between strength and aesthetic appeal without being too cumbersome or difficult to move around. On the surface, bone inlay furniture is fragile and delicate; however, when carved from durable hardwoods with a deep lacquer finish applied to it for protection. Your bone inlay furniture will last for a long time. Additionally, bone inlay furniture remains strong and long lasting due to its durability against moisture absorption.

 Unlike most furniture that is made entirely out of wood, bone inlay furniture isn’t prone to rotting or warping. The surface is also known to naturally resist wear-and-tear and other damage like scratches or dents caused by careless handling. It is also worth noting that the owner should take proper care of their bone inlay furniture. This entails cleaning and waxing on a regular basis using recommended products. To keep your bone-inlay piece looking its best for years to come!.


Some Tips For Maintenance :

REGULAR DUSTING : We recommend our clients to use microfiber cloth for dusting, and we recommend regular cleaning. So that dust does not pile up in the carvings or on the depressions on the surfaces.

DO NOT USE ANY HARDNERS : Using any harsh detergents like acetone or bleach can lead to discoloration. Therefore it is recommended to use soft mild all-purpose cleansers.

AVOID PROTRACTED EXPOSURE TO WATER : Though it is moisture resistant using excessive water or wet cloth. This type of furniture would lead to loss of adhesiveness from these pieces. Thus ruining its beauty therefore it is advisable to use a mildly damp cloth.

PLACE THE FURNITURE UNDER MODERATE CONDITIONS : It should be placed in the surroundings that are neither too cold nor too hot. It is necessary to maintain the moderate temperature as it may affect the quality in harsh weather conditions. Avoid excessive exposure to the sunlight and also do not place it in front of the heaters or coolers as it might damage. Each piece is a representation of hours of hard work and intricate detailing so, proper care and maintenance are a requisite.

Here at Blesswood our master craftsmen meticulously carve each piece of bone onto the wood with their exceptional skills passed on for several years. These hand crafted pieces are our most coveted furniture that add an exceptional charm to the interiors. Bless wood is your one stop solution for bespoke bone furniture requirements. Feel free to contact us with your requirements, we would be happy to help..

Type Of Wood And Bone Used

Generally soft wood like Teakwood and Sheesham is used because it involves carving of the intricate designs. Also, the beauty of wood grain makes the piece of furniture exquisite and striking. Bone inlay furniture is made using the bones of the Camel. In this whole process of making this furniture it is ensured that no animals are harmed and only the remains of dead camels are used. Bones are sourced ethically with the permission of the local authorities. At Blesswood, we proudly commit that this whole process is environmentally friendly and cruelty free. It is an absolutely beautiful way of reprocessing the bones into splendid work of art.

 A wide range of products can be customized using the bone inlay technique like chest of drawers, cabinets, chairs, sleek bed side tables, consoles and other pieces of furniture. These opulent pieces of furniture can give your interiors an accent of not only luxury and royalty. But also fit into themes like bohemian, rustic and chic styles, thus enhancing interiors. For the minimalists, they can also add such timeless pieces of bone with the modern architecture to give it a contemporary look. There are numerous ways in which these pieces can make a seamless addition. This type of timeless furniture is very exotic and distinguished, and is an excellent investment also.


Bone Inlay Furniture And Bone Work Furniture

Most important feature of key difference is the whole process of production; both include intricate handwork but in bone furniture the artisan lays down the resin on the frame and fits in the bone using adhesives. In which there is no scope of visibility of wooden grains. Whereas the production of bone inlay furniture is very tedious as it involves engraving of the wooden pieces using a chisel and then fitting in the bone pieces. Thus, making the latter more expensive.

 Bone inlay technique is crafted on the decorative wood like Teak wood, Walnut and Sheesham. Bone work furniture is made using MDF / plywood / wooden panel. Therefore, the key difference is the material used. It can be identified whether it is bone inlay or bone work furniture by simply looking at the grains(texture) as the latter does not have a natural wood / grainy texture. Both these types have certain differences which results in the differential pricing and different appeal.

Each type has its own uniqueness and key factors of consideration. But the similarity between the two is of the patterns and products. Which could be created and both the techniques use camel bones. This distinctive and quirky technique of bone inlay is a symbol of craftsmanship and dedication to the artistry. This type of furniture has become very trending and favoured. These days because these designs are very natural and the beauty of this art cannot be imitated. This art is valued the most by the aesthete, who has an eye for intricate work and a deep diveforart.

It has a natural organic beauty that can't be replicated with other materials. It represents the hard work of skilled craftsmen who created something out of nothing.

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