Crafts of India- The Voyage of Indian Handicrafts

We celebrate Indian handicrafts week to give importance to the talented artisans all around the nation

India’s rich cultural heritage and traditional diversity. Are reflected by a wide variety of handicrafts made by artisans from all over our country. The findings from the ancient civilizations in our country. Suggest that Indian handicraft history dates back to almost 5000 years from now. The Indian handicrafts have evolved with the passage of time-based on the needs of the people, changing trends and religious values. In ancient times, these handicrafts were exported. The silk route to countries like Europe, Africa, West Asia and even today, they are incredibly popular among foreign tourists. 

The traditional Indian handicrafts have stood the test of time. And are still regarded as one of the most intricate art forms in the history of the world. Thousands of local artists work hard day and night to create exquisite pieces of crafts. These handicrafts are elegant looking and are preferred by the people. To decorate their houses, or these make excellent gifting options for your loved ones.

Indian Metal Work


The origin of art on metallic objects goes back to 5000 years now. In ancient times. The metal sculptors used various metals like silver, iron copper and alloys like bronze. To make pans, mythological figures, animals, drummers, pots, etc. This metalwork can be seen in different parts of our country.

Indian Wooden Work

wooden handicraft

Woodwork is a popular handicraft in India and the international market. Handmade furniture with exquisite. Detailing and high-quality raw materials are gaining huge popularity among people. You can also see wooden work on home décor items.

Indian Brass Work

Brass Handicrafts

Brass is composed of copper and zinc, whereas bronze is made up of copper and tin. Sometimes with other elements such as phosphorus or aluminum added in. Brass is believed to have been used since around 500BC, mostly for decorative purposes.

Indian Glass Work

glass lamp

Glass art refers to individual works of art that are substantially or wholly made of glass. It ranges in size from monumental works and installation pieces to wall hangings and windows. To works of art made in studios and factories, including glass jewelry and tableware.

Indian Dhokra Art Work

Dhokra art

The origins of Dhokra art dates back to 4000 BC when a metal sculptor. The Mohenjo-Daro civilization created a unique sculpture of a dancing girl. This marked the discovery of one of the oldest methods of non-ferrous metal casting technique known to humankind. This art form’s roots have spread to various states on the eastern coast of India. Including the states of Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Odisha since then. The talented craftsmen use lost wax techniques to create marvellous brassware artefacts. Usually, the miniature figurines of animals, mythical characters, tribal people, drummers, etc. Are created using Dhokra art. The name “Dhokra” has its origins in Dhokra Damar Tribes, known for their excellent metalwork. Nowadays, Dhokra art can be seen in home décor items including vases, pots, wall hangings, etc.

Indian Mysore Rosewood Work

wooden work

Mysore is famous all over the world for its beautiful and elegant rosewood inlay work. You will find the inlay work in the furniture including dining table, sofa sets, coffee tables, side tables, and other furniture items. There are excellent pieces of wall décor and home décor. Items made by Mysore rosewood which will enhance the aesthetics of your house. Thousands of people in Mysore are involved in the rosewood inlay work..

Kashmir Wood Carving

wooden carving

Kashmiri wood carving has gained immense popularity among foreign tourists over the last decades. The walnut wood has an aesthetic appeal and thus people often. Buy the wooden carved items to decorate their homes and offices. Various items ranging from furniture. To accessories to vases, boxes, trays, etc are made out of Kashmiri walnut wood. Walnut wood is quite expensive and the carving requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Indian Paintings


Indian paintings can be seen in India since the ancient stone age. Since then, it has evolved greatly, being influenced by western culture and styles. Initially, they were made for religious purposes but with time. They have grown into becoming a great piece of wall décor, and home décor. There are a wide variety of Indian paintings in the market today that will leave you amazed with their unique designs.

Why Indian Handicraft is so popular?

Indian handicraft is so popular all over the world because they are creative and unique pieces of craftsmanship. They gorgeously capture the rich culture of India. Because of these handicraft qualities, people love to buy them for their homes as well as ideal handmade gifts. Handicrafts are well-known due to their amazing durability and beauty. They are also exported to other countries. The amazing decoration items that can adorn the beauty of your home greatly. They perfectly add an ethnic touch to the place, wherever they are placed. Before buying the handicrafts online you must know their importance and benefits. It is important to know the value of every product before buying it. So, let’s know some benefits of buying handicrafts.

Good for the environment

handicraft carnivals

Did you know handicraft products are good for the environment? Most handcrafted products don’t require any factory or large production facility. Nearly all are made in workshops or small craft studious. As these products are eco-friendly, they don’t harm the environment and nature. These Indian handicrafts  are made from eco-friendly materials that make them more unique and precious.

Handmade withstands time


Remember those moments, when you bought something handmade and it lasted for a very long time? Most handicraft items are made to last. They made from the best quality of material that will withstand the time and the changes are that you are going to keep them for a long time. Handmade items contain great durability. If you have ever purchased any handicraft product then you know better about their quality and stay.

Products are unique


Unlike mass-produced products, you will often find unique differences in every handcrafted item, which makes the Purchase and the product very special. Nobody all around the world will have the same product, and that’s pretty unique! a lot of handcrafted gifts you can find that are made to order and can also be personalized and customized to your specifications. These handmade products look beautiful and have a unique significance.

Handmade is quirky and always in trend

Independent designer crafters and makers are often on trend much quicker than large commercially and businesses produced items. As a small business, you can afford to experiment and make a one-off item to see whether it to spot trends, will gain interest, and design a collection quickly that fits perfectly with the trend. A large commercial organization can easily take 12 months to introduce a new unique product, so the small independent crafters will be a lot more flexible than that.

Buy handicrafts directly from the crafters

It can’t be easier than this. You buy directly from the person who created your handmade gift. If you need to ask any question about the handmade item (materials used to make it, how to look after it, size & color options) you will talk directly with the craftsman. They know their creativity well and will be able to give you the best advice for your buying items. This will help you in buying the best handmade product and will make your purchase the best decision. This will also help you to save some money by directly purchasing.

Handicrafts are made by real people


When you buy a handmade product you know that the crafter is passionate about their craft so each product is made with love and passion. With handmade products, there’s always a lot of care, love & attention to detail to make something unique, adorable and to be treasured. So next time you need a product, a new item to gift your friend or relative, or simply want to treat yourself to a piece of jewelry, consider handicrafts. You’ll get a unique and better quality product.

There is a story behind each handmade products

Each product has its own story, each person who created it puts a lot of effort and time into making something that’s adorable, unique, and made just perfect for you. There is a reason behind every choice throughout the stages of the product creation – why the colored stones selected for your silver bracelet have pretty peacock green color, or why the marble handicraft products décor with the Kundan work. Every handicraft product has its own unique and amazing story.

Indian handicraft is so popular, You’re supporting a handmade business owner’s craft and life. Plus, you’re keeping otherwise lost skills alive, and making a greener purchase. Purchase Indian handicrafts to make them more popular and to support our country’s lost handicraft and Handicraft artists. so, tell us what you think why handicrafts are important to us??

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